Love is all you need!


The question and champagne have been popped – now it’s time to organise the most special day of your lives.  In our experience, you’re probably feeling one of two things:
Overwhelmed, apprehensive, excited, nervous and unsure of where to start
Crystal-clear on your vision and ready to find someone to help you to bring your ideas to life.  Don’t worry – either way, you’re in the right place!

Your special day – remembered forever

Whether you’ve dreamed of this day since you were little – or planning a wedding is something you’ve never considered before – a perfect day to be remembered forever is exactly what you want.

And you probably know what you don’t want too!


You Want…

A wedding unique to you and your partner

To look and feel your very best

To enjoy the whole process

Don’t  Want…

A cookie-cutter wedding

To be stressed and exhausted

To have to make compromises

Planning a wedding – how difficult can that be?

All you need is a stack of magazines, a few boards on Pinterest, a pretty
personalised ‘bride-to-be’ notebook and a spreadsheet, right?

This is such an exciting time of your life – but there’s also a lot of pressure.

Pressure to get everything perfect and ‘just right’.

Pressure from your family and friends who all have an opinion on, well, everything.

Pressure to feel that you have to do it all, even when you’re not quite feeling up to it, because you’re planning the biggest event of your life.

This can take all the fun out of what should be a wonderful experience.

Good Times Only

Working with me to plan your wedding means that you can concentrate on all the fun stuff.

While I’m organising and chasing your suppliers and replying to emails (no one ever tells you how many emails there are when planning a wedding!) – you can be booking (and enjoying) all your beauty appointments and dress/suit fittings.

While I’m figuring out where the toilet block should go (and how many cubicles you’ll need) – you can be relaxing and having brunches with your #bridetribe/groomsmen.

While I’m handling last-minute issues (there’s always something!) – you can be getting a full 8 hours sleep and ensuring that you’re relaxed and refreshed for your big day.

In Safe Hands

I completely understand that hiring someone to plan your wedding with you is a big decision.

You’re concerned that a planner won’t apply the same care & attention to the details as you would.

You’re anxious that you won’t feel involved, and you’ll miss out on the excitement.

You’re worried that the wedding won’t be personal or original to you.

But the Truth Is…

Your planner will think of extra-special details you’ve never considered.

You’ll have plenty of time to relax and focus on your partner in the lead-up to the wedding.

Our consultation process and creative background mean that we’ll be able to design a wedding that’s uniquely yours.

Creating your memories

As your wedding planner, I see myself as the guardian of your memories.

YOU are at the centre of everything we do.

Yes, I have standard offerings, but our everything is completely bespoke and tailored to your exact needs, requirements  and wishes.

To talk to me about the support you need creating your special day, book a consultation HERE.

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